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Posted 11/10/2020 in Agricuture by Munyaradzi Makosa

​​Meet Dzidzo Marangwanda a 33-year-old passionate farmer.

​​Meet Dzidzo Marangwanda a 33-year-old passionate farmer.

‘Being a farmer has never been a flowery bed of ease, it has its ups and downs, but passion is what drives me,’ said Dzidzo Marangwanda.

Meet Dzidzo Marangwanda a 33-year-old passionate farmer.

Dzidzo is an Agronomist by passion and qualification. He has an MSc in Agribusiness that he did at Africa University. Dzidzo also did his undergraduate degree at Bindura University. He worked for a local insurance company for four years, did a little bit of consultancy work, left into the Energy Industry ( Solar Energy in particular), then decided to be a full-time farmer.

It took him a lot of trials and different jobs till he finally decided to start focusing on farming only. Although Dzidzo was not only into the agriculture business he has been farming for eight years now.

Dzidzo mentioned that he started at the lowest level and was balancing school and farming. He had many challenges getting to where he is now. 

I love the quote by the Vice President of Zimbabwe, "Ungaphendula ibala elithi lima liyakunika ibala elithi mali,(If take the word Rima and change it, it will give the word Mari)," said Mr. Marangwanda.

Dzidzo does not own a farm, but leases land from farm owners and utilizes it for a period as per agreement with the landowner. When Dzidzo started farming his focus was on growing field crops (tobacco, maize, and sugar beans) but on a small scale.

His first crop was Tobacco, on a two hectares farm in Marondera, which he was renting. Dzidzo did well, managed to get up to 30 quality bales and 10 prime ones.  This production gave him much interest in farming and then never looked back.

Currently, Dzidzo is doing both field crops and horticulture crops, thus maize, soybeans, sorghum, sugar beans, cabbages, onions, butternuts, tomatoes, green veggies, watermelon and cucumber, and sweet potatoes. He has expanded his farming.

He faced many problems growing as a farmer, capital, and market. He said it was not easy to get funding without collateral security in our economy, so a self-funding drive through and through.

FARMHUT aims to solve most of the challenges mentioned by Dzidzo, by providing farmers with market insights and financial management. Dzidzo confirmed it is helpful because that's the missing link in his farming enterprise. If that puzzle is solved farmers are good to go, it will help the production.

Dzidzo Marangwanda said, "For market insights, I would recommend other farmers to FARMHUT. I know they will get all the help they need, and Farmhut always provides a market for its farmers."

Dzidzo advised his fellow farmers that they should study market trends of crops they want to Produce or to try to get market first before planting. If they feel they do not have time, Farmhut is the option.

He ended the interview by saying, FARMHUT should continue being farmer-centric. Having the farmer at heart will keep its trend up. What the contemporary farming environment needs and requires is provided at FARMHUT.


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Benhilda Tinotenda Mashanda 

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