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Posted 01/22/2021 in Agricuture

Being a young farmer in Zimbabwe : Part 12

Being a young farmer in Zimbabwe : Part 12

In today’s article, I am joined by Terence Maphosa the owner of the popular Prince Machiavelli Farm. When most look at him, they see an inspiration but make no mistake it wasn’t an overnight story. A product of proper planning, resilience through hardships and humility. Here is what he had to say:

RK: Can you tell us about you 

TM: My name is Terence Maphosa, male aged 28.

RK: Can you share your story

TM: It started in 2017 after realizing that the only way to make it through in this hard economy is finding a lasting solution. I did a thorough research after seeing some breeds on Facebook. I proceeded to buying chicks for a start. I started with 400 chicks but unfortunately I was crooked by the lady who supplied the chicks. She gave me a fake breed and they were all roosters. I kept them for 6 months and sold all of them. At that point I almost gave up because it was huge setback. 4 months later I then started looking for correct breeds (and this is key. People need to see the parent stock). From there it has been a nice journey and I take all challenges and gains all the way up.

RK: What motivated you to start farming?

TM: I had a small land that was idle for years, farming for me was the only business viable for me that I can influence myself and especially roadrunners. I had an experience from keeping ordinary roadrunners so it was for me a transition into better breeds.

RK: How has been your experience?

TM: Honestly starting a project is not easy. When things start flowing it will seem as if all was well from the start. I can say the start was full of doubts but determination pushed me and fortunately it paid off

RK: Which region are you in?

TM: Mash West 

RK: What challenges have you faced?

TM: Finances are always a challenge; I need to expand more and that is the main challenge 

RK: Has age been a hinderance? If so how?

TM: Honestly age hasn’t been a challenge, rather it worked to my favour in the eyes of customers. A few people expect a young man to be passionate and proud about farming. So, seeing one has actually helped me

RK: Where do you see your farming business in 5 years?

TM: Zimbabwe will look for me for a constant supply for roadrunner meat. I will be having my own unique breeds. I will be exporting eggs and chicks as well as roadrunner meat

RK: If you were put in a room with the Permanent Secretary for Agriculture, what would you tell him?

TM: Honorable the future is Young. Identify youths who are thriving on the little that they have, give them support in whatever way. Zimbabwe’s future will be in safe hands if you support us. A lot of us out here we don’t have land, finances and inputs to explore ourselves. I (on behalf of many youths) we humbly request your attention on us. Thank you 

RK: Any words for young people out there?

TM: Success does not come overnight, no one can ever create a life for you. Opportunities are there but it’s our choices to grab them or watch them pass. Whatever route you choose, put maximum effort and believe in yourself 

RK: Closing words?

TM: Prince Machiavelli Farm is grateful for the support that Zimbabweans have been showing for the past 3 years. I am ready to grow big and I’m making steps forward. To others who would wish to come and see my small space, you’re most welcome. The future is ours and we can shape it through farming. God bless Zimbabwe

To follow on the progress of this young farmer, please follow him on Twitter https://twitter.com/terrymap1?s=20

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