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Posted 01/07/2021 in Agricuture

Being a young farmer in Zimbabwe : Part 3

Being a young farmer in Zimbabwe : Part 3

Many youths have found ways to remain productive even without having huge tracts of land. In this interview, i caught up with Sean Mwale(SM) who is a backyard farmer in Harare. He shares his journey as a young farmer who has to date managed to supply large retail chains like OK LIMITED, Pomona Farmers' Market among other big markets. Here is what he had to say :

RK : Can you tell us about you?

SM : My name is Sean Mwale, aged 21, male, part 3 student at NUST doing accounting

RK : Can you share your story?

SM : I was never interested in farming but after my form 6 looking at the economic hardships. I was forced to engage into farming since my uncle is a Master Farmer, where I was involved in the growing and reselling of tomatoes with my friend Munyaradzi Makosa

RK : What motivated you to start farming? 

SM : I was motivated by my uncle from the works that he was doing in Mozambique, which made me to start farming at my house in Hatfield, with the help of my uncle through provision of Syngenta seeds and implementation of a water borehole with the use of drip irrigation

RK : How has been your experience? 

SM : My experience is a nice one because growing i was just interested in being an Accountant and nothing less but because of how the economy is and how the agricultural sector is growing I got to get interest in farming thus growing of tomatoes which was quite successful and beneficial because I was able to supply large and different branches of supermarkets like OK Zimbabwe which strengthened my agricultural connection

RK : Which region are you in? 

SM : Harare

SM : I faced quite a lot of challenges, which may include lack of markets during startup which led to disastrous losses, attacks by various diseases like early and late blight, water shortages 1 borehole tank being insufficient to cater for the 1/2 hectare being used for farming

RK : Has age been a hinderance? If so how? 

SM : I can’t say age has been a hinderance because farming is about Passion, farming should be at heart thus Farmhut lol...age was just an issue in terms of finances 

RK : Where do you see your farming business in 5 years?

SM : In 5 years’, time I see my farming business being a successful one running under the name Fawden Farming, having a large market through the help of supportive platforms like Farmhut that link us directly buyers of our products

RK : If you were put in a room with the Permanent Secretary for Agriculture, what would you tell him? 

SM : A lot of youths out there have the brains especially when it comes to farming and agriculture, some are full of passion, others are vibrant but they lack financial support to startup whatever projects they may have in mind, more so lack of connections in terms of the marketing sector

RK : What would you like say to other young people out there? 

SM : Don’t give up on what you are passionate about, it’s a matter of time, strive until you succeed

RK : Closing words? 

SM : Never give up because you are facing some challenges, one day you will be at the top, I can give a testimony of my friends Ryan Katayi and Munyaradzi Makosa, when they started Farmhut we used to laugh and discourage then but because of their passion and vision they made it, some of my products are being successful because of the use of their platform

To get in touch with him, contact him +263739428301

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