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Posted 01/13/2021 in Agricuture

Being a young farmer in Zimbabwe : Part 7

Being a young farmer in Zimbabwe : Part 7

Animal husbandry is one of the arms of agriculture many hesitate to venture into. Be it the intensive capital investment required or the time input and patience which are key virtues one should have. All these seem not to scare or put off Amos T Gwatsvaira(AG) who even given the set challenges has pushed through his goat farming. Here is how the conversation went:

Amos at the farm (2) one of his goats which was carrying F1 Cross Boer Kids , Sired by a Boer Goat.

RK: Can you tell us about you

AG: My name is Amos T Gwatsvaira a young male  farmer with special interests in Breeding Goats and Crop Production.

RK: Can you share your story

AG:  My story begins in 2018 when I was looking for businesses  in which to invest in , Agriculture was one the business  i thought about but at the same time i was not sure of what to do and how to start . It eventually took me 2 years of research and preparation until I decided to dive into the Goat business , I gathered my resources together and began to  focus on breeding the Boer Goat which is a very special type of goat in terms of disease resistance , growth rate and has the highest market value. 

RK: What motivated you to start farming?

AG: I was motivated by the profit returns that are in the agricultural  sector  when done right and the ever growing competition that is in my case to produce the best breed in Zimbabwe. However , the general love of agriculture drives and motivates me to excel in the business everyday.

RK: How has been your experience?

AG:  My experience as a farmer has been very great and  not so good at other  times. I  have experienced big losses that have demotivated me but through all that i have gained a substantial amount of motivation and experience that pushes me to work hard everyday.

RK: Which region are you in?

AG: Im in Natural Region 1 and my business operations are based  in Mvuma Central Estates.

RK: What challenges have you faced?

AG:  I have faced quite a number of  challenges , The biggest  being Perinatal Mortality in my goats which is a great setback especially to a startup like me . However through the application of the  knowledge that I have acquired so far , i have managed to reduce the mortality rate at my farm by a staggering 90% , thus i may only lose 1 to 2 goats a month.

RK: Has age been a hinderance? If so how?

AG: It has never been a hinderance but rather an advantage since I still have a lot of time ahead of me to perfect and grow my business.

RK: Where do you see your farming business in 5 years?

AG: In 5 years I see my farming business at a point where:

 1)  I at least would have created employment for over a 100 locals , 

2) I would be supplying both foreign and domestic markets with goats of highest breed and also crop produce.

RK: If you were put in a room with the Permanent Secretary for Agriculture, what would you tell him?

AG: I would tell Honorable Dr John Basera  to support the youth like me  which have interests in the agricultural sector through knowledge and financial assistance but mostly I would like to thank him for the great work he is doing  in the agricultural sector.

RK: Any words to other youths out there?

AG: To the rest of the aspiring youth in Zimbabwe and abroad who are looking forward to be in the agricultural business , I want to let you know that farming requires great focus and full  commitment which is often at the cost of other positive life activities , however once you dive in you will love it.

RK: Closing words?

AG: I want to express my sincere gratitude to Mr Ryan Katayi for inspiring me to grow bigger and also for giving me this virtual  opportunity to speak to the world. 

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