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Posted 03/05/2021 by Wallace Mukoka
Care of sow and piglets

Newborn piglets can die from crushing, bleeding from the navel, anaemia, starvation or disease. At the root of these... View More

Posted 03/04/2021 by Wallace Mukoka
Control heat stress in poultry with vitamin C supplementation

High environmental temperature is the most common stressor of chickens in Zimbabwe. When a chicken becomes very hot,... View More

Posted 03/04/2021 by Wallace Mukoka
How Do I Farm Groundnuts?

Groundnuts may be divided into three types, according to the time taken to maturity early,  medium and late... View More

Posted 03/03/2021 by Wallace Mukoka
How To Control Mites On Poultry

Chickens are often targeted by mites, external parasites that can harm the birds and cause a farmer substantial financial... View More

Posted 03/01/2021 by Wallace Mukoka
Ginger Farming

Ginger (Zingiber officinale) is a flowering plant whose rhizome, ginger root or ginger, is widely used as a spice... View More

Posted 02/26/2021 by Wallace Mukoka
Tips On Identifying and Controlling Cutworm

The common cutworm is a prominent maize pest in Zimbabwe.Here are some useful tips on identifying and controlling... View More

Posted 02/26/2021 by Wallace Mukoka
Go For Cucumbers!

CLIMATIC REQUIREMENTS Optimum germination temperature: 25-28°C, night temperature not lower than 20°C.Optimum... View More

Posted 01/28/2021 by Wallace Mukoka
Instructions To Harvest And Store Carrots

Harvest carrots when they build up their shading and the tops are 1 inch in measurement or more modest. Carrots can... View More

Posted 01/28/2021 by Wallace Mukoka
Maintain A Strategic Distance From Post-harvest Losses

To prevent postharvest misfortunes basically boils down to understanding what methods to utilize, and what to avoid... View More

Posted 01/26/2021 by Wallace Mukoka

Post-harvest losses occur between harvest and the moment of human consumption. They include on-farm losses, such... View More

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